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April 05, 2013


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Gareth Morley

Interesting that he claims that Ontario has withdrawn funding over the last 10-15 years. Quick googling shows a lot of material put forward by CAUT and others that talk about Ontario's relative position compared with other provinces. However, I don't see any actual evidence that Ontario public spending per student has declined from when Bob Rae was premier. If you add the undeniable increases in tuition, it looks like spending is up. No doubt that's because salaries and benefits have increased.

I agree tha articling should be abolished. Law School should also be reduced to two years. We should have a nasty bar admission test, and people will find better ways to learn the material.

Gareth Morley

I'd like to hear Feldthusen and other Law Deans acknowledge the growing gap between legal academia and the profession. I look at law journals, and it's all "Towards a Feminist Hermeneutics of Intellectual Property" or "Rules of Recognition: Why Dworkin was rude to Hart in 1963" The empirical work may be interesting (although if you torture a data set long enough, it will confess to anything), but is not very useful to the profession.

The law schools expect people to fork over $100 grand, and three years of their lives, and then a substantial percentage of them can't even get articling positions because the economics of the profession no longer support them. Bernie Madoff had a more sustainable business model.

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